Natural Birth

It is a vaginal delivery, called natural birth because it is done without medical intervention, but can be done under medical supervision in hospitals or maternity centers, and analgesics can be obtained during the birth to relieve pain.

Benefits of Natural Birth for Baby & Mother

The natural birth experience reflects positively on the health of both mother and baby.

The Benefits of the Natural Birth For The Baby:

Helping the baby breathe

When the uterus contracts during labor, it presses on the baby's body and rib cage, helping to expel fluid swallowed by the fetus during pregnancy from the lungs, in preparation for breathing immediately after birth and reducing the risk of certain respiratory disorders.

Protecting babies from diseases

The period of labor is useful in building an immune system and a strong digestive system through the acquisition of types of beneficial bacteria, the passage of the child through the genital channel of the mother exposes his skin to many beneficial bacteria, and large amounts of mucus protect him from touching the skin of the doctor's palm or cloth until his skin adapts to the outside world, which is commonly suffered by children born by Caesarean sections, their skin is more sensitive than the many substances that touch it suddenly.

Studies have shown that babies born by cesarean section have less diverse intestinal bacteria and are more susceptible to harmful skin bacteria.

Maintaining the stability of blood sugar

The baby is cut off when the umbilical cord is cut off and separated from the placenta and if the mother's milk is delayed for the first time, the baby is exposed to hypoglycemia, which poses a risk to the health of the brain and other organs if it is not noticed, but babies born a normal birth are less likely to develop hypoglycemia because (Catecholamines) secreted from his body during labor induce glucose and keeping its levels within acceptable limits.

Better brain development

A team of researchers found that natural birth leads to the release of a protein in the brain of newborns that improves brain development and works in adulthood that regulates behaviors related to memory, learning, and spatial awareness.

This protein also facilitates the start of the baby's breastfeeding process.

As for the mother, despite the pain she is experiencing during natural birth, she has many benefits, including:

Speed of recovery and return to normal activity

The mother recovers a few hours after birth and is able to walk and go to the bathroom alone without any help, as well as be able to take care of her baby and breastfeed him while she is fully active, while pregnant women who undergo cesarean section need a period of convalescence, lie down in bed and reduce unnecessary movement for fear of the pole in the wound, and therefore will need help in taking care of her child and getting up to the bathroom and other activities.

Avoid possible complications of cesarean section

One of the most common complications of cesarean section is severe abdominal pain at the location of the wound, and it often requires the use of very strong analgesics in the early hours and days.

Bacterial contamination in the abdominal wound may be difficult to heal, or intrauterine contamination may occur (this is much less with good sterilization).

Also, because of opening the abdomen, there may be a temporary interruption of bowel movement that requires a stop to eat and drink until bowel movement returns.

Stimulating breastfeeding

Rapid recovery after normal birth helps the mother to care for her baby and breastfeed him better from the first minutes of his life, and this is useful, the first infant is rich in antibodies beneficial to the baby's immunity.

Maternal-fetal bonding

During a normal birth, the expectant mother is mostly fully conscious, so during normal birth, the mother feels satisfied and in contact with the fetus.

The presence of the husband

During a natural birth, it is possible for a husband to be next to his wife to support her directly, which gives an exceptional atmosphere of psychological and moral support and makes the experience a real addition to the balance of love between the couple. However, in the case of a cesarean section, it is difficult for the husband to be in the operating room.

Avoid the risks of anesthesia

Natural birth often requires no more than local anesthesia, which often avoids the risk of general anesthesia that may be used in some cases of short delivery, with side effects: headache, low blood pressure, and nausea.

Not to affect future pregnancies

Natural birth does not carry any risk to future pregnancy, as it does not cause uterine scarring or other parts of the pelvis, unlike cesarean section, which may cause these problems in some cases, noting that women who give birth by Caesarean section have a higher chance of giving birth in the same way in the future, although there are many women who have given birth naturally after a previous Caesarean section.

How Are You Preparing for A Natural Birth?

There are some tips to take care of if you make the decision to give birth, the most important of which are:

• Moral support

Getting moral support during the birth process from close relatives helps to significantly reduce stress.

"Studies have shown that women who receive continuous support during childbirth take less time to give birth, and rarely need medical intervention, anesthesia or pain killers compared to women who do not receive any support."

• Breathing exercises

There are some important exercises on how to control breathing during childbirth and the ability to relax, and your doctor may also advise you to imagine a place to feel comfortable. Some studies suggest that these relaxation methods reduce pain and reduce the rate of medical intervention.

• Conditions and movement during childbirth

In the absence of anesthesia during childbirth, you can try different situations such as standing, sitting, prostrate, or any situation where you feel comfortable. Some women feel more comfortable walking a little around the hospital bed.

Studies indicate that walking during the early stages of birth helps reduce the birth time by about an hour or more. If you are not allowed to move, you can also take different positions while lying on the bed.

• Massage and compresses

Massage helps you relax and reduce your pain during birth, so some women turn to it along with moral support from a family member, reducing stress. Many women also resort to cold or hot compresses or a combination of both to relieve back or lower stomach pain.

• Pain relief with water

You may feel comfortable when you're immersed in your pain, as water helps you relax and relieve the pain dramatically.

But there are some important things to pay attention to before resorting to this method:

• The water temperature should not be high so as not to cause your baby to warm or beat his heart rate.

• If the fluid surrounding the fetus begins to come out, you should not immerse yourself in the water because this exposes you to bacterial infection, so many women resort to showering with lukewarm water as an alternative to feeling comfortable.

Finally, natural birth is a choice that brings you a lot of benefits, it strengthens your relationship with your baby and facilitates breastfeeding, as you see your baby immediately after his exit into the world, but it is preferable to have a natural birth in the hospital not at home to avoid any complications that may appear during labor and ensure your safety and the safety of your fetus.

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