Pregnancy affects your immunity, so you and your baby are more likely to be infected with the bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. Even if you don't feel sick, your baby can develop some diseases, and your fetus is very sensitive to toxins in the foods you eat, such as mercury.

You want the best for your baby, which is why you add fruit pieces to breakfast cereals, chickpeas to salads, and eat almonds as a snack. But do you know which foods to avoid during pregnancy?

Here are some foods you should avoid during pregnancy because they may be unsafe for your baby:


Like goat cheese, feta and blue cheese. Why? These types of cheese may be unpasteurized and contaminated with listeria, which induces food poisoning. Soft cheeses such as cheddar and parmesan in which bacteria are killed because of the manufacturing process.

Pregnant women's immunity is, therefore, more likely to develop eating-related diseases, and if it occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy, it may lead to miscarriage or preterm birth.

Eggs and meat

Both are sources of bacteria that can harm your baby. When cooking the meat and eggs make sure they are fully cooked. No one will tell you to avoid eggs because they are rich in protein and contain important nutrients such as choline, but eggs have a risk of being contaminated with salmonella, which is more dangerous for pregnant women than other people.

So, make sure you practice egg safety rules such as buying eggs in refrigerators only, avoid broken or hairy eggs, avoid eating uneven or not-so-boiled eggs, Caesar salad sauce, which contains fresh eggs or homemade ice cream.

Don't taste the unbaked cake mixture.

When you cook meat at home, you cook it well, the meat may be infected with toxoplasma, a child that causes inflammation that may (albeit in relatively rare cases) cause the birth of a dead child or other health problems.


Don't eat liver or liver-containing products because they contain large amounts of retinol in vitamin A that may be harmful to your fetus.


Some seafood foods such as oysters and sushi that you don't cook before eating are not safe for you. Seafood such as Pisces, swordfish or Marilyn contains high amounts of mercury. Tuna also contains mercury, so it's best not to eat four medium-sized cans of tuna a week.


Caffeine increases blood pressure and heart rate. Caffeine also increases diuretics and this will cause lower fluid levels in your body and therefore dehydration.
 Caffeine penetrates the placenta and reaches your baby, and if you can tolerate the high amounts of caffeine in your body, your baby can't.


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