The amount of weight loss varies from woman to woman after giving birth, according to many factors such as the woman's body, and her diet, The method of breastfeeding and others.

How much weight do you lose after giving birth?

Weight gain during pregnancy ranges between 11.5 to 16 kg, and this increase is represented in the baby, the placenta, amniotic fluid, breast tissue, increased blood, increased size of the uterus, and excess fat stores, which are fats that enhance energy to endure the process of giving birth and breastfeeding.

In many cases, a woman can regain her previous weight before pregnancy, but in other cases, a woman can’t lose all the extra weight, as a result of her poor burning or eating large quantities of food during pregnancy.

During the first week after giving birth, a woman can lose about 2.5 kg of water weight, then the rate of weight loss will decrease later, so a woman should not rush to lose weight after giving birth, as regaining the woman's weight after giving birth to her previous weight may take several months.

But some factors can help a woman quickly lose weight after giving birth, such as eating a healthy diet and refrain from eating fatty foods and sugars, as well as exercise appropriate for this stage.

How to lose weight after giving birth?

It is known that a woman's weight after giving birth differs from her normal weight, and all women strive to lose excess weight after birth, there are the most important tips for losing extra weight :


A baby who receives milk from the breast needs about 500 to 800 calories per day for good growth and development, as breast milk provides these calories, and the longer the breastfeeding period, the greater the rate of weight loss, and this contributes to weight loss Women after giving birth.

Exercising stimulates fat burning

Some exercises can be practiced immediately after natural giving birth, the most important of which is abdominal exercises, but this does not apply to cesarean delivery, as the mother will not be able to start practicing these exercises immediately after giving birth, and you must follow the doctor's instructions regarding sports.

In general, any breastfeeding mother can take walks that promote weight loss and burn fat without any health risks.

Eat fiber to feel full

A woman's feeling of hunger increases after giving birth, due to breastfeeding as well as the result of staying up during the night with the infant, as her hunger hormone levels rise, and to overcome this feeling, it is advised to eat more fiber because it's low the process of digestion, and thus helps to feel full for a long time.

Drink more water to lose weight after giving birth

It is recommended to drink at least 1 to 2 liters of water per day, as this helps to improve fat burning after giving birth, in conjunction with following a healthy diet and exercising, as water helps to increase body moisture and replace the fluids that it loses during milk production. Essential for detoxing and improving metabolism that promotes fat burning.

Sleep well to stimulate fat burning

It is difficult for the new mother to sleep well because the newborn suffers from interrupted sleep and needs special care, whether for breastfeeding or changing the nappy and other things, and the lack of sleep causes difficulty in getting rid of the weight overload after giving birth, as a result of high levels of the stress hormone, which hinders the process of burning fat.

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